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Help your institution quickly and efficiently become web accessible.

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Where You Are

Where You Are

Where You Need to Be

Where You Need to Be

How to Get There

How to Get There

The first section of this tool guides you through a series of questions to compare your institution against proven indicators of web accessibility. You are then provided detailed charts and analysis comparing your current web accessibility standing to recommended practices. Finally, specific tools and resources are provided as you are guided through making a detailed plan of action to improve your web accessibility standing.

Work With Your Team

The GOALS Tool lets you create a team to work with so you can get valuable feedback and assistance along the way.

Administration Ready Reports

Save the hassle of getting a detailed report ready. The report function plugs your data right in a report ready for you to edit and hand to any leader.

Track Your Progress

Your data is saved so when you use the tool again, you can track your progress and improvement in making web accessibility changes.

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While the FIPSE-funded project has ended, we continue to offer access to the self-study tool. If interested please contact us.

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